I didn't really realize how much God had done for me in the week I spent with Michael and Nancy, until afterwards.

       I am a Spirit filled Christian of 30 years, and although I was walking with God there was 'something' missing.  I had so much head knowledge but not enough had reached my heart. I'd seen God do miracles in our lives, and seen so many answers to prayer, but over the last 9 months there had been a change in me, and I didn't recognize the person I was becoming and my 41 year marriage was disintegrating before my eyes.

      I had jealousy and anger issues among other things, and it was becoming out of control, and I was frightened of this me that was being revealed.   For 40 years I had been a patient, longsuffering, caring, loving wife, and now I was a mess physically, Spiritually, and emotionally.  I knew I needed ministry, and I knew my daughters had changed since they had had ministry from Michael and Nancy, but I couldn't afford a trip to America .

       This didn't stop God!!!  He arranged for me to go to Auburndale from North Wales, UK for a week, 2 weeks ago, and I stayed with Nancy and Michael.  What an abundance of love surrounded me there.  Through Prayer and Ministry, healing and deliverance took place and I am now reaping the rewards and I'm enjoying finding out who I really am, and more importantly my relationship with the Lord has already begun to deepen.

       Here are two photo's of me...the one taken about 6 weeks ago for my passport and the other one taken yesterday.....you can see for yourselves the difference ministry has made!


        I became a Christian on December 9th, 1986 and since then I have received much blessing and healing – physical, emotional and psychological.  This is just one part.

On cup final day (I’m English and this is football) 1991, I was mugged at 12:30PM.  The result was a damaged neck and back.  The only treatment thought necessary was to remove discs and bone from my lumbar spine.  I had the operation July 1991 and was left with a 4” scar on my back.  Since then I have spent time in a wheelchair, using crutches and then a walking stick.  I have also suffered permanent pain.

In June 2012, I received prayer and ministry by Michael and Nancy Mastro of Driven Ministry.  During this time I felt a ‘click’ in my back.  I counted the vertebrae and to my amazement, there were none missing.  I now have no need for a stick, can run and jump about again. And the scar – it is about 2 cm.  

Michael and Nancy also ministered to me about my ophidophobia – fear of snakes.  I could not look at a picture – in a book or on TV of a snack without feeling nauseous.  Even a plastic or cuddly toy snake would result in me vomiting.  On a Monday I went to the pet shop to get some cat litter.  The shop owner had a snake in his hands so I ran out of the shop.  After the ministry – on the Tuesday evening, I decided to go to the shop and see the python.  I managed to touch “Bubbles” – the snake, but could not bring myself to hold him.  I got photos of me touching Bubbles.  Two weeks later I went back to the pet shop and this time I held Bubbles – again getting photos of it.  The shop owner now has copies of the photos hanging up on the shop and is amazed at the change in me.  This has given me the chance to witness to him.  

Praise God for His Goodness!

Before Ministry
Before Ministry
After Ministry
After Ministry with "Bubbles"

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