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I recommend this book whither you are a Christian or not as it will challenge your mind, body and soul. Love & hate are really the same as positive & negative and we live in an age where the negative "SEEMS" to outweigh the positive... WhyjQuery16303485075125927163_1343921197250 - because WE let it. Hidden in Hate is Unforgiveness, a feeling we let eat away at ourselves making us judgmental. Of course we are quick to judge others without taking the plank out of our own eye!! The book centers on Unforgiveness more than love. But unless we get rid of the first then the second cannot even get a foothold in the doorway. Too often we say we forgive,...but we don't forget. Its like burying the hatchet an leaving the handle sticking out. This book is primary for individuals to examine themselves and see why they are not moving on in God's favor. It's also for all churches whose congregations need to ask "Do I really love my neighbor?" This book is an Action book but the Action has to be carried out by You.....Your past is gone, your future assured if you can forgive and love. Complete the challenge and blessings will flow. By Max, UK

awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this book will set you free - Stephen R., FL
Just completed and is available - Christian Living - Free to Be You!  

As Christians we all believe in God’s promises and yet some don’t seem to see them manifested in their life.  This book was written to teach why that just may be.  It isn’t that it is God’s will but that there is spiritual law placed in motion that can be stopped.

Sowing & reaping, sins of the fathers down 3/4 generations, choosing which of God’s precepts to walk in instead of all of them, etc.

Getting the understanding to why life is and why God said - is the key to living heaven on earth.  Getting the Understanding is truly a blessing, and Blessed you will be!
How bad is your want to for your life to change??  This book has the answers according to the Word of God all in one place.  The answers are simple if you are willing to embrace the truth but for a moment.

Unforgiveness hinders prayers, healings and prosperity - blessings from God, and sometimes we just don't realize we are walking in it!

There is such a power with forgiveness, that without it you just can’t walk in the God given unconditional love that we all should be walking in.  This book is such a life changing book that if you seek change, reading this book is a start.

As Christians we all believe in God’s promises and yet some don’t seem to see them manifested in their life.  WHY?
Michael and Nancy have both written books to bring enlightenment to possibly why life is the way it is.

Book is only available at this time via contacting us.  You won't regret it!